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Project Overview

About paal Hills

Pancharatna Ventures has launched the biggest Farmhouse plotting project of 300 acres at the most Affordable pricing in Paal village, Velhe. The Project is surrounded by lush green valleys and historic forts like Torna and Rajgad

The sole purpose of the project is to give an opportunity to every individual to have their own space away from the hectic lifestyle of city. We want every person to get involved in the agriculture and try out their hands on different Way’s Method and Techniques of farming.

Considering it as an investment Velhe area has seen a lot of investors investing in land due to its rich flora and surplus water source and the graph of appreciation has been seen growing massively every year. So taking this as an investment opportunity and investing in this project will be a boon in future.

Synopsis Of Project

Total project on 200 acres

Minimum Plot Size 11000 sq ft

Grand Entrance With 24/7 Security

30 ft & 25 ft cC roads

Clubhouse With Swimming Pool and open gym

Close to rajgad and torna forts

Water connections

Electricity Connections

Street lamps and CCTV surveillance all over the plot

key points

Inhouse design


Construction facility

Walk through video of Nandivali Hills

Layout Section

Nearby Tourist Attractions

Mulshi dam

malhar machi resort

Tamhini ghat

Kailasgad fort


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