Own a home in the heart of nature

Karandi Hills

at Bhatghar Dam Back Water, Karandi Bk. Village, Bhor, Pune 412206.

Karandi hills is strategically located on table top with 360° serene view of bhatghar backwaters and karandi valley and mountains. It is just 1 hour drive from pune . Karandi hills is designed to provide you maximum proximity to nature.

Nandivali Hills

Mulshi, Pune

Nandivali Hills Mulshi is less than 40km from Pune, Nandivali Hills is Nestled between eco protected forests with Mulshi Backwater on one side and beautiful hills on the other. Feel the breeze of early morning while relaxing between green plantations.

Paal Hills

at Pal, Bk. Village, Rajgad (Velhe) Pune 412212.

Pancharatna Ventures has launched the biggest Farmhouse plotting project of 100+ acre at the most Affordable pricing in Paal village, Velhe. The Project is surrounded by lush green valleys and historic forts like Torna and Rajgad.